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About the 90k route

90k OOTYULRA will be run on mountain roads (~3853 m elevation gain) with close to 50 km non-repeating sections. The first 5 km is run on flat roads, and the ascend to the Dodabetta Peak starts from the 6k onwards. From there till about 10k, its an uphill which will take you to the second-highest peak in South India.

Most runners will reach Doddabetta peak at a time when the daylight is already broken, and you can have a breathtaking view of the blue mountains from that height. Some early runners can even witness the sun rising from the plains, and on a clear day, one can also see the Ooty town, the lake, and the racecourse clearly.

After the 10 km, you will run down and reach the 4 roads junction and run towards Kothagiri. At the 15 km, you will reach the Tea Garden, this is the finish point for all categories. After crossing the timing mat and the checkpoint, you will run towards Kotagiri to finish the next 15km section. Follow the route markers on the roads and road intersections carefully.

The 15k to 30k is a single route with steep downhill sections till about 23k and a steep uphill section, which will bring you back to the Tea Park.

Tea Park is adequately stocked fuel station to recharge before heading out to finish the extended 30 km non-repeating section to get back to the Tea Park.

The final 30 km will be done in the reverse direction, and you will finish at the Tea Park.

Distance accuracy: The 90k distance is approximate with a +/- 2.5 km due to variations in the measurements approach vs. GPS device accuracy

Start point: YWCA Anandagiri

Finish point: Government Tea Park, Battarkambai) ~8.3 km away from the start

this route is subject to approval from the local authorities

Qualification requirements

Read the FAQ & Race Rules pages carefully

  • Must be 18 years of old
  • Only for experienced ultramarathoners
  • A sub 4:10 hrs full-marathon finish (and)
  • (or) OOTYULTRA 2019 60k in sub 7:45 hrs
  • (or) Comrades Marathon 2019 in sub 9.30 hrs (or similar mountain ultras completed in the year 2019)
  • (or) with similar/challenging terrain/elevation/distance/time credentials must apply to info@ootyultra.com
  • Registration fee includes

  • Entry to run OOTYULTRA
  • Souvenir T-Shirt
  • 4" personalized laser cut finisher medal (must finish within cutoff)
  • Travel & stay recommendations

    Read the Travel section carefully for more information

  • Plan to reach Ooty on Sat before 2.00 pm
  • plan to depart from Ooty on Monday after a good rest on Sunday
  • Aid Station locations

  • Every 3-4 km
  • Aid Station Supplies

    Planned supplies (Actuals supplies may vary depending on availability)

  • Electrolyte pre-mix
  • Boiled potato (some stations)
  • Groundnut candies
  • Chocolates
  • Lemon/Rock Salt
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Water
  • Water/Sponge
  • Oranges
  • Bananas
  • Rice/Sandwiches
  • First-Aid kit
  • Lunch/meal at 30k & 60k
  • Must carry

  • Your BIB must be clearly visible and must be worn in the front side
  • mobile phone with event emergency number stored in it
  • Recommended Gear

  • 2 layers of clothing to protect from cold/wind (first 1 hr)
  • Headscarf to protect ears
  • Hand gloves
  • your favorite gels
  • hydration pack
  • salt capsules
  • Expo day arrangements

  • 4.00 pm onwards
  • On Saturday
  • Opportunity to interact with runners
  • Post-Race Information

  • Lunch
  • Medical & Recovery tent
  • Buses to bring you back to Ooty

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