When is the next OOTYULTRA?

The third edition of the OOTYUULTRA is tentatively scheduled on the 5-Apr-2020, Sunday

When was the earlier editions of the OOTYULTRA held?

  1. Inaugural edition - 29-Apr-2018, Sunday
  2. 2nd year - 7-Apr-2019, Sunday

What is the minimum age for participation?

18 years old completed on the even day

What are the qualification criterion for participation & What is the cut-off rule?

OOTYULTRA will be a tough race due to its steep climbs and downhill terrain. Most first-time runners may find it extremely difficult to run. Hill running, in general, can be very technical and challenging but through experience one can gain mastery.

OOTYULTRA Minimum qualification & Cutoff

60k (10 hr 30 min cutoff to finish and 5 hr 30 mins at 30k)

A minimum of one, timed/official Full Marathon (42.2 km) completed after 1-Aug-2019 within 5 hr 50 min. An official event timing records MUST be submitted. The timing records can be submitted/updated after the registration is done but before 10-Mar-2020. Alternatively, you can submit your Ultramarathon run, any distance run above 50km, as a qualification. There is no finish time criteria for your qualification Ultramarathon.

30k (5 hr 30 min cutoff)

One, Half Marathon completed within 3 hr 00 min after 1-Aug-2019 An official event timing records MUST be submitted The timing records can be submitted/updated after the registration is done but before 10-Mar-2019 The last mobile aid-station (approx. 27k) before the finish will be operational only for 5 hr 15 min

15k (no cutoff)

To encourage first timers, there will be NO CUT OFF for the 15k category The last mobile aid-station (approx. 12k) before the finish will be operational only for 2 hr 30 min

IMPORTANT --> Registration will not be confirmed if the timing qualifications do not comply. No refund will be provided if you do not qualify. All the participant must be fit, healthy and must be running regularly.

What is the cut-off rule?

The 60k and 30k runners must complete this distance categories within the cut-off time specified in order to receive their laser-cut custom medal at the finish.

The 60k runners will not be allowed to proceed to run if they arrive into the 30k distance outside the 30k cut-off time.

All runners completing the race outside the cut-off time will be marked "outside the time limit" or a DNF status in the race results.

Will I receive a finisher medal if I complete my 60k or 30k distance category outside the cut-off time?

No finisher medal will be provided

I'm an Ultramarathon lover and don't run Full Marathon in events, can I qualify for the 60k category?

OOTYULRA encourages all ultramarathoners. Include your Ultramarathon event details, distance category and finish times during your registration. See the FAQ section for qualification cut off date.

I do not participate in any marathon events and can't submit official time certificates.  Can I run the OOTYULTRA 30k or 60k?

Write to info@ootyultra.com with links to your Strava or Garmin online profile.  We may consider giving you entry if your records are satisfactory.  You will have to pay an additional fee of Rs. 500 + 18% GST for the manual review efforts, if we agree to provide you with an entry.

I had run the earlier editions of the OOTYULTRA 60K/30k, can I get a qualification waiver?

No, you must still qualify for the 2020 edition. See the FAQ section for qualification cut off date.

When is the last date for the registration?

28-Feb-2020 end of the day or whenever the registration cap is reached, whichever is earlier.

What are the race categories?

60k, 30k and 15k distances

What is the registration fee?

Follow the registration page to learn more Click here to register

What does the registration fee include?

Your entry to the event. All registered participant may receive a free T-Shirt and all runners successfully finishing the event within the cut-off time (read the cut off time for each race category) will receive a personalised finisher medal.

What are the cancellation & refund rules?

Your ticket is non-refundable. However, you can transfer it to another runner within the Ticket-Transfer window.

While registering, I made some mistakes, can I fix them?

Yes, write to info@ootyultra.com with your registration reference number. Your First name can not be changed after 10-Mar, since we would have already placed the orders for the custom medals.

Is OOTYULTRA ITRA certified?

OOTYULTRA is a road race. ITRA is only for runs with min 80% trail.

What kind of pre-marathon dinner is provided?

The organizers will arrange the pre-marathon night vegetarian dinner, on the 6-Apr-2019 evening, for those who have pre-booked along with the registration. The runners-friendly buffet dinner will be served at the YWCA Anandagiri against dinner coupons which will be sent to your email address prior to the event.

Will there be a timing chip used to record my race timing?

Yes, our timing partner MACSHA will provide this support. There will be two timing mats, one at the start and one at the finish point. The finish point timing mat will also serve as a intermediate timing mat at the 30k for the 60k runners.

How can I travel to Ooty?

You can reach Ooty by road & or train only. If you are flying, the nearest airports are Coimbatore / Bangalore and you have to travel by road to Ooty. See the travel section for more information

Where can I stay in Ooty?

The OOTYULTA is happening in the middle of peak summer season time in Ooty. Getting hotel accommodation could be challenging if you do the last-minute reservation.  We encourage to contact our travel partner listed in the travel.

Is there prize money for podium finishers?

There will be no prize money for the podium finishers.

Route, elevation profile & GPX files

See the Route & Elevation page

How many hydration stations will be located and what fuel will be available?

The aid-stations will be spaced approximately 3-4 km apart. The exact number of stations will be communicated to you prior to the event

Will I get a finisher timing certificate?

Yes, all finishers will receive an update to view and download the PDF copy of your OOTYULTRA finisher certificate after the event. This will be mailed to you by our timing partner along with one SMS message. We expect to send the SMS message on 7-Apr-2019 itslef, but this is subject to good quality network connectivity.

What will be the weather conditions at Ooty?

  • The month of April is the most amazing time to visit Ooty. It is also the beginning of the summer season and many tourists flock that time.
  • Min 12 Deg. C and max 23 deg. C. Weather with a feel of 28 deg. C.
  • Check the online weather bulletins for information on latest weather info in Ooty around Race Day

Where/When can I collect my BIB?

One day before the OOTYULTRA marathon day at the EXPO - look for latest announcements regarding the EXPO.

What is the event venue, start & finish time?

The start time will be at 6.00 am (TENTATIVE) (TENTATIVE) Starting location: YWCA Anandagiri (TENTATIVE) Finish location: Government Tea Park, Battarkambai) ~8.3 km away from the start Shuttle buses will take you back to Ooty town

How will I get back to the start point after my run?

Buses will be operating between the finish line and the start line - the departure time will be published before the event (timing is tentative) 15k runners - 10.00 30k runners - 11:30 60k runners - 16:30

Where can I deposit my baggage?

You can deposit your baggage at the start line - the baggage will be brought to the finish line. You are requested not to keep any valuables in your baggage.

What are some hotels near the start point?

It's better to block the rooms through online hotel service providers. Make sure you are staying within the city limits (look for lodges/hotels near places like Charing-cross, commercial road, Ettines road, near collector’s office, Hospital road, or any place within the Ooty town) Plan to arrive in Ooty on Saturday morning and leave either on Sunday evening (15k, 30k runners) and Sunday night or Monday morning (60k runners). Write to coachkay@kfita.in regarding this.

Note: The organizers will not make accommodation arrangements and you are expected to make your own arrangements

What are the favourite food joints in Ooty?

  • Preeti Classic Tower - Good vegetarian food choices
  • Shinkos - a famous and very old Chinese restaurant located near the Collectors office
  • Nagar Hotels
  • Taj Savoy
  • A2B, if you want to grab a quick bite - is quite a popular joint, watch out for busy days and there could be some waiting time

What can I buy from Ooty?

  • Ooty Tea is world famous
  • Homemade chocolates
  • Ooty Varkey, a type of biscuit snack, made of Wheat (Read more)
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Fruits including, plums, peaches, tree tomatoes
  • Vegetables like Avocados, Broccoli, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroots, Raddish, Cabbage & Cauliflower, visit the famous Market, carry a huge bag to shop since plastic is banned in the mountains